Employability and professional development training

Building Bridges offers comprehensive training to support clients at all stages of their professional journey. Training provides an opportunity for clients to share and draw on their considerable experience and resources, through problem-based scenarios, reflection and discussion. All trainings are supported by one to one appointments with advisers to build on learning.

Module 1

Getting to Know Yourself, Getting to know the NHS

This module supports clients to identify their strengths and professional development needs, to introduce the NHS, professional standards and ethics.

Module 2

Preparing to work in the NHS

This module helps clients to develop the skills to present themselves to NHS employers, in an effective professional manner both in writing and face to face and includes individual coaching.  

Module 3

Preparation for Work Placements

This module prepares clients to enter Work Placements in GP Surgeries and Hospital Trusts with confidence and knowledge of work-based communication and adapting to the NHS work culture