English language learning (OET and IELTS)

Language Assessment

New clients to Building Bridges attend a language assessment to ascertain their readiness for the Building Bridges programme. This assessment ensures that clients are placed in classes that are suitable for their level. The minimum starting level required is B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, roughly equivalent to C in OET or 6.0 overall in IELTS.

OET & IELTS Tuition

Glowing Results provides the following classes on behalf of the Building Bridges partnership:

  • OET classes at three levels: Advanced (OET1), Upper Intermediate (OET2) and Intermediate (OET3)
  • an IELTS class

Clients are placed in classes on the basis of both language level and experience of the exam. Groups are small, friendly and motivated. Numbers are usually capped at 12 per class. All classes are currently taught on-line via Zoom. Progress testing may be either on Zoom or in a physical location.

Tutors have up-to-date knowledge of teaching methodology and they encourage class members to participate actively in their own learning inside and outside the classroom and to prepare work in advance ready for discussion.

It can take two years to progress from OET3 to the OET exam. Clients are also given additional guidance on self-study to help speed progress.

Study Guidance

Glowing Results offers guidance to clients on useful self-study materials on which they can spend additional time to help speed progress.

Teaching Methods

Glowing Results uses a variety of teaching methods, which are largely based on student need. Tutors are thoroughly up-to-date with current methodology and encourage class members to participate actively in their own classroom learning and prepare work in advance, ready for discussion.

Individual Support

Especially when clients are approaching their final OET or IELTS exam, they are frequently given tutorials, either one-to-one or in pairs, to help them through any weak points. They are also given mock Speaking exams on a one-to-one basis. Every effort is made to give them as much individual attention as possible, especially at this point.